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Forum for information related to the 3 main Grand Companies: Immortal Flames, Maelstrom, and the Order of the Twin Adder.
"The advancement of a nation may be gauged by its ability to craft weapons, but its future depends on its ability to craft wars." - from Leading the Van, by master tactician Owyne Cosserand
"Aether knows neither sacred nor profane, yet resides in all creation. Embrace it, and a timeless power will be yours." - celebrated soothsayer and sage, Gota Jaab
"An empty hand is akin to an empty heart -- ever does it long for a companion." - former Leatherworkers' Guild guildmaster, Saiverin Vaireloque
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"Gladiators haven't a care whence steel comes, nor archers timber. 'Tis no concern of ours -- so long as their gil is good." - esteemed naturalist Pilfa Dalfa, in his cups
Subforums: Botanist, Fishers, Miner
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