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Below is a guide to complete the Arcanist Hunting Logs. Complete hunting logs to gain more xp!

Rank 1

Arcanist 01: Little Ladybug x3 - Middle La Noscea (x24, y18)

Arcanist 02: Wharf Rat x3 - Middle La Noscea (x21, y23)

Arcanist 03: Lost Lamb x3- Middle La Noscea (x23, y24)

Arcanist 04: Wind Sprite x3 - Lower La Noscea (x28, y20)

Arcanist 05: Puk Hatchling x3 - Middle La Noscea (x20, y19)

Arcanist 06: Nesting Buzzard x3 - Lower La Noscea (x31, y16)

Arcanist 07: Bogy x3 - Middle La Noscea (x20, y19)

Arcanist 08: Cave Bat x3 - Lower La Noscea (x25, y15)
Galago x3 - Lower La Noscea (x29, y14)

Arcanist 09: Grounded Pirate x3 - Middle La Noscea (x20, y16)

Arcanist 10: Lightning Sprite x3 - Lower La Noscea (x22, y37)

Rank 2

Arcanist 11: Sewer Mole x3 - Western La Noscea (x33, y28)

Arcanist 12: Mossless Goobbue x3 - Middle La Noscea (x21, y23)

Arcanist 13: Fat Dodo x3 - Western La Noscea (x32, y27)

Arcanist 14: Arbor Buzzard x3 - Western La Noscea (x30, y29)

Arcanist 15: Qiqirn Eggdigger x3 - Lower La Noscea (x18, y35)

Arcanist 16: Dusk Bat x3 - Western La Noscea (x28, y22)

Arcanist 17: Puk Hatchling x3 - Western La Noscea (x28, y22)

Arcanist 18: Hedgemole x3 - Western La Noscea (x26, y23)
Rothlyt Pelican x3 - Western La Noscea (x24, y22)

Arcanist 19: Killer Mantis x3 - Western La Noscea (x22, y20)

Arcanist 20: Bumble Beetle x3 - Upper La Noscea (x12, y23)

Rank 3

Arcanist 21: Overgrown Ivy x4 - East Shroud (x23, y29)

Arcanist 22: Lead Coblyn x4 - Western Thanalan (x13, y10)

Arcanist 23: Kedtrap x4 - South Shroud (x21, y21)

Arcanist 24: Coeurl Pup x4 - Upper La Noscea (x8, y21)

Arcanist 25: Antelope Stag x4 - South Shroud (x22, y20)

Arcanist 26: Balloon x4 - North Shroud (x17, y26)
Chasm Buzzard x2 - Eastern Thanalan (x22, y20)

Arcanist 27: Axe Beak x4 - Eastern Thanalan (x25, y18)

Arcanist 28: Clay Golem x4 - North Shroud (x19, y28)
Sandstone Golem x2 - Southern Thanalan (x22, y11)

Arcanist 29: Brood Ziz x4 - Central Shroud (x15, y20)

Arcanist 30: Lindwurm x4 - Central Shroud (x13, y19)

Rank 4

Arcanist 31: Qiqirn Gullroaster x4 - Eastern La Noscea (x26, y32)

Arcanist 32: Grass Raptor x4 - Eastern La Noscea (x16, y25)

Arcanist 33: Gigantoad x4 - Eastern La Noscea (x18, y26)

Arcanist 34: Sundrake x4 - Southern Thanalan (x25, y38)

Arcanist 35: Colibri x4 - Eastern La Noscea (x30, y24)

Arcanist 36: Coerul x1 - Outer La Noscea (x14, y14)
Mildewed Goobbue x1 - Eastern La Noscea (x17, y32)

Arcanist 37: Snow Wolf Pup x4 - Coerthas Central Highlands (x21, y29)

Arcanist 38: Feral Croc x2 - Coerthas Central Highlands (x27, y24)
Dryad x2 - North Shroud (x23, y25)

Arcanist 39: Taurus x4 - Coerthas Central Highlands (x32, y12)

Arcanist 40: Molted Ziz x4 - East Shroud (x25, y24)

Rank 5

Arcanist 41: Quartz Doblyn x4 - East Thanalan (x30, y25)

Arcanist 42: Lammergeyer x4 - Western La Nosecea (x12, x36)

Arcanist 43: 3rd Cohort Laquearius x2 - East Shroud (x29, y20)

Arcanist 44: Nix x4 - Mor Dhona (x19, y9)
Mudpuppy x2 - Coerthas Central Highlands (x18, y30)

Arcanist 45: Wild Hog x4 - South Shroud (x29, y24)

Arcanist 46: Watchwolf x4 - North Shroud (x20, y18)
5th Cohort Laquearius x2 - Mor Dhona (x11, y11)

Arcanist 47: Snow Wolf x4 - Coerthas Central Highlands (x16, y32)

Arcanist 48: Natalan Watchwolf x4 - Coerthas Central Highlands (x31, y18)
Axolotl x2 - Western La Noscea (x17, y15)

Arcanist 49: Zahar'ak Battle Drake x4 - Southern Thanalan (x31, y19)

Arcanist 50: 4th Cohort Vanguard x4 - Western Thanalan (x12, y7)
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