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Here's the pre-patch notes:

Here are some highlights that I found interesting:

[2.0] A new idling camera feature has been added for players to take pictures of their characters and scenery from various angles.
The idling camera works as a fixed-point camera which cycles randomly through the vantage points of other characters and NPCs in the vicinity of the player character. How to Use the Idling Camera
To turn on the idling camera, use the keybind or text command '/idlingcamera' or '/icam.' To cancel, press the A or X button, or the escape key.

[2.0] A new group pose feature has been added that allows player characters to synchronize a pose with their party members.
When doing a group pose, all parties involved (player character, party members, alliance members, chocobos, minions) will face the camera and repeat the last general or expression emote used. How to Use Group Pose
To use the group pose feature, use the keybind or text command '/grouppose' or '/gpose.' To cancel, press the A or X button or the escape key.

[2.0][3.0] The following additions and adjustments have been made to the Character window in the main menu:
An Acquired Titles button has been added to the Profile tab under Character in the main menu. This window displays the achievements and categories that the titles were obtained from.

[2.0] The color of the display for non-targetable objects has been adjusted for the party list, focus target bar, and the enemy list.

[2.0] The PlayStation®4 DUALSHOCK®4 controller can now be used on the Windows version.

[2.0] A new estate vendor NPC, the steward, has been added.

[2.0] Adjustable lighting has been implemented, allowing house lighting to be set to one of five levels.

[2.0] 5 New triple triad cards were added.

[2.0] It is now possible to ride mounts other than the personal chocobo while your companion is summoned.

[2.0] Two new poses, accessed via the /changepose command, are now available when sitting on the floor.

[3.0] Experience points earned in the following dungeons has been increased:
The Dusk Vigil / Sohm Al / The Aery / The Vault / The Great Gubal Library

[3.0] Enemies in the following dungeons will now yield experience points when playing as a class or job at level 50 or above:
The Wanderer's Palace / Castrum Meridianum / The Praetorium / Amdapor Keep / Pharos Sirius / Copperbell Mines (Hard) / Haukke Manor (Hard) / The Lost City of Amdapor / Halatali (Hard) / Brayflox's Longstop (Hard) / Hullbreaker Isle / The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard) / The Stone Vigil (Hard) / Snowcloak / Sastasha (Hard) / The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard) / The Keeper of the Lake / The Wanderer's Palace (Hard) / Amdapor Keep (Hard)

[2.0] The matching algorithm for Duty Roulette has been adjusted to reduce wait times.

[2.0] When entering a duty already in progress, the display will be changed from the current progression in the duty to the time elapsed since the commencement of duty

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