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General Discussion relating to FFXIV
Post any threads related to housing here... ^_^
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Drop us a line if you're interested in our Linkshell or have any questions for us to answer. Guests are allowed to view and post here.
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Dungeons: Sastasha Seagrot, Tam-Tara Deepcroft, Copperbell Mines, Halatali, Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak, Haukke Manor, Brayflox's Longstop, The Sunkden Temple of Qarn, Cutter's Cry, The Stone Vigil, Dzemael Darkhold, The Aurum Vale, Castrum Meridianum, The Praetorium, The Wanderer's Palace, Amdapor Keep, Pharos Sirius, Copperbell Mines (HM), Haukke Manor (HM), The Lost City of Amdapor, Halatali (HM), Brayflox's Longstop (HM), Hullbreaker Isle, The Stone Vigil (HM), Tam-Tara Deepcroft (HM), Snowcloak, Sastasha (HM), The Sunken Temple of Qarn (HM), The Keeper of the Lake, Wanderer's Palace (HM), Amdapor Keep (HM), The Dusk Vigil, Sohm Al, The Aery, The Vault, The Great Gubal Library, The Aetherochemical Research Facility, Neverreap, The Fractal Continuum
Trials: Ifrit, Titan, Garuda, Cape Westwind, Ifrit (HM), Garuda (HM), Titan (HM), Ultima Weapon (HM), Garuda (EX), Titan (EX), Ifrit (EX), Leviathan(HM), Good King Moggle Mog XII (HM), Ramuh (HM), Shiva (HM), Good King Moggle Mog (EX), Leviathan (EX), Ramuh (EX), Shiva (EX), The Chrysalis, The Steps of Faith, Ravana (HM), Bismarck (HM), The Singularity Reactor, Bismarck (EX), Ravana (EX)
Raids: Labyrinth of the Ancients, Syrcus Tower, The World of Darkness, The Binding Coil of Bahamut, Alexander
Guildhests are group quests that players can complete for experience and gil.Two new guildhests become available to the players every 5 levels from level 10. Guildhests are designed to teach players basic group mechanics. Initial guildhests are quite easy, they become difficult as players level up and delve deeper. Guildhests usually involves a mini-dungeon or boss fight. A light party of 4 players is usually required.
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Forum for information related to the 3 main Grand Companies: Immortal Flames, Maelstrom, and the Order of the Twin Adder.
"The advancement of a nation may be gauged by its ability to craft weapons, but its future depends on its ability to craft wars." - from Leading the Van, by master tactician Owyne Cosserand
"Aether knows neither sacred nor profane, yet resides in all creation. Embrace it, and a timeless power will be yours." - celebrated soothsayer and sage, Gota Jaab
"An empty hand is akin to an empty heart -- ever does it long for a companion." - former Leatherworkers' Guild guildmaster, Saiverin Vaireloque
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"Gladiators haven't a care whence steel comes, nor archers timber. 'Tis no concern of ours -- so long as their gil is good." - esteemed naturalist Pilfa Dalfa, in his cups
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