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Linkshell Announcements

[Pinned] Membership/Forum/Website Clean-Up

The following changes have been made to help maintain the websiteMembers:All inactive non-ranked members have been deleted. All members that haven't signed on to the website in at least (1) year has been sent to INACTIVE status. If you return to t...
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Naozumi83945Small Centurion 5y
Linkshell Announcements

[Pinned] You Keep What You Kill

The subject is from the movie The Chronicles of Riddick. I thought it was a creative way of saying what i really want to talk about which is "You get out what you put in."This linkshell allows members to be in other linkshells at the same time......
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Archeim145376Small Naozumi 5y
Linkshell Announcements

[Pinned] LS Guidelines/Rules ~ All LS Members/Prospective Members Must Read.

The Sentinels strongly encourage players to participate in whatever in game activities interest them and to share that interest with others. However, certain activities are incompatible with the Linkshell's principals and direction and are not all...
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Linkshell Announcements

[Pinned] The Road Less Traveled (New Recruits Are Required to Read This)

This message is meant to be read by new recruits and reflected upon occasionally by existing members. It's important as it represents who we are and what we want out of our beloved community. This message is also in honor of our original leader, S...
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Linkshell Announcements

Official FFXIV TitanSentinels Free Company/LS Announcement

All,As of tonight, I've officially founded the FFXIV TitanSentinels Free Company/Linkshell on Balmung server. I know that many of us are already spread out on several different servers in FFXIV but my hope is that we're all able to come together a...
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Linkshell Announcements

Voidwatch Zilart - Please Read!!!!

If you have any interest in taking part in the Zilart voidwatch run that begins on Saturday evening (this saturday)PLEASE get these quests done beforehand to make sure you can get CREDIT for your WINSStep 1: Talk to Kieran in Norg (I-8) You shoul...
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Archeim11051Small Archeim 4y
Linkshell Announcements

Linking Your Character To and TitanSentinels!

Hi guys and dolls!I'm obnoxious.I like going on the TitanSentinels page of the website and see how my fellow Linkshellmates are progressing.If you link your character to the LS page... I can see the following:Where you are on storylines...
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Archeim42517Small AnnaMolly 4y
Linkshell Announcements

Please Lot Courteously

First off, this announcement isn't to bash anyone or deny anyone of any gear they need, so please, no name drops, no complaints, take the announcement as it is.I've recently noticed that there are some people who lot EVERYTHING that isn't locked. ...
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Linkshell Announcements

Oh the places we will go

Hello all!We’ve all been working hard in game, and some of our members who were “newer” are now with level 99 jobs. More and more people are getting to higher levels, and so we’re left with a few questions.Our beloved game has a LOT of content. ...
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