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TitanSentinels FC Rebuilding!

Centurion / Apr 25, 2015
TitanSentinels has a long history starting from FFXI (Titan & Phoenix server) and on FFXIV since launch. We were on hiatus due to RL events with the core members of the FC but now we're back with a vengeance! If you're interested in a joining an FC that's all about family, fun & social hijinks (with a M-size house to boot!) then we're the FC for you! Please join and get involved... heck, bring a friend! We're looking to grow & re-establish our foothold on Balmung Server... See you in game! :)

- Centurion Titanborn


I am back on the server if anyone wants to please invite me back. Naozumi Meikyo.
Glad to see you guys are all still going well on balmung. Between the website being bought by a porn site and not seeing anyone online like ever, I reached out to some old friends of mine from ffxi that I knew who played on the coeurl server. They created a new free company called nightengale sentinels based off the core group I created 11 years ago on titan and have been growing ever since. Nightwulf and his brother were part of that same group so they joined me. Shortly after I got my own brother to play. Let me tell you guys, moving from a full legacy server made it easy to make money lol.
Lega are you still playing? Been trying to contact him.

Just a quick update as far as what I've been up to. I'm sitting on a 129 blm with fully upgraded zeta weapon. Also have brd drg smn and sch up there too. Started crafting and have weaver and leather at mastercraft 2 books with fully melded hq artisans, foragers for my fisher and miner, and with more jobs following very shortly. Currently on T10 of coils but will be killing that soon. Fully caught up with the story and awaiting my expansion preorder.

What have you all been up to?
I've been on Cactuar server for the last 7-8 months but I just transferred over to Balmung again.
Cmon over to coeurl if you get lonely. Lots of old faces youll remember
Shunkai (Hildr Herringbreath) and I are hanging out on Goblin Server atm, if you guys are on the rebuild, i'll have a chat with him and maybe we'll transfer over.
So has anyone heard from lega?
Yeah, he's back... we all were gaming together tonight! :)
So im considering hopping back to balmung with some other old friends and possibly my brother. Any idea how often they lift the new character restrictions?
Yay! That would be awesome Myth!

Most people are able to create a new character between 2AM - 5AM EST (easier during the week) or immediately following a maintenance period. Of course, the full proof way is to create a character on another server and then transfer it over at your own leisure... that option costs $$$ though.

- Cent

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