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(Sep 08, 2015)
Today I've become a tailor. I've gathered so much I figured I craft too. Perhaps I should be a chef too to cook all my fish
(Sep 06, 2015)
I'm back! ... should be on tomorrow ^-^
(Sep 02, 2015)
Just a reminder.... I'll be out of town until this Sunday for my cousin's wedding.... see you when I get back! ^-^
(Aug 27, 2015)
Ding! 60 DRG now! i179 geared now as well ^-^
(Aug 27, 2015)
it took 79 wins... but i finally got the bahumat card from elmer... i hate that npc w/ a passion xD
(Aug 24, 2015)
I read up on twintania and I believe we can beat her next Sunday 8/30. Anyone that wants to join us that hasn't yet, we can speed run you to twintania, coil round 5, so you can help us. Super excited!
(Aug 23, 2015)
Thanks all for who attended the FC event night tonight! We accomplished a lot as usual ^-^
(Aug 21, 2015)
I'm back from my work trip! Should be back on later tonight. :)
(Aug 17, 2015)
Can soon as I find the workshop. .....
(Aug 16, 2015)
see you guys in a few days! ^^
(Aug 16, 2015)
can someone check on the FC airship periodically?
(Aug 16, 2015)
k, just a reminder... i'll be out of town for work from this monday-friday
(Aug 12, 2015)
Someones on fire! Buy a lotto ticket!
(Aug 12, 2015)
Just won another 12.1K MGP again today >.>;;;;
(Aug 12, 2015)
lucky dog usually I take a net loss on playing that pot game >.<
(Aug 11, 2015)
That was cool.. did some PvP and got some status called Battle High for killing several consecutive enemies w/out dying o.O;
(Aug 11, 2015)
Wow... Just won 20720 MGP via the mini-cactpot today.... >.>;
(Aug 09, 2015)
Successfull FC Event Night tonight! We took down Odin (FATE), Odin (Trial), Garuda (Extreme), Titan (Extreme) & Ifrit (Extreme)!!!! We also got two ponies to drop - congrats to Ryu & Math on the new mounts! ^-^
(Aug 09, 2015)
Thanks to all who attended the FC event tonight!
(Aug 08, 2015)
ヽ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ